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In the world of investing and finance, there are those who follow the crowd and those who know how to turn unconventional strategies into potentially winning hands. Will Duffy became a millionaire at age 33 by following the same contrarian wealth-building and tax-saving strategies he teaches his clients.

Not just a financial advisor, Will’s specialized excellence as a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), and Enrolled Agent (EA), lets him create customized, innovative financial plans or partner with a client’s current team of CPAs, advisors or attorneys.

The author of multiple financial books, and a go-to source for other financial professionals nationwide, The Duffy MethodTM is Will’s proven roadmap to help high net worth individuals, family offices, and businesses realize their financial goals.














Will’s overriding philosophy is simple: a proper financial foundation is built on wealth efficiency and tax strategies. Contrary to many financial advisors who simply return to obvious financial products again and again, Will creates an edge using a number of unconventional but time-tested and trusted methods.

Three core tenets serve as Will’s focus for every client: Innovation, Inspiration, and Integrity. The first is his key to success. The second is found in each client’s personal story. And the third ensures he’ll always make what he believes to be the best choices for his clients.


Will is uniquely qualified to handle all three aspects of financial planning – wealth accumulation, wealth distribution/succession, and tax planning. His holistic viewpoint provides advice that seamlessly integrates with his clients’ complex personal and business finances.


Advisors, CPAs, and individuals from all across the country seek out Will for his expertise in a number of areas. Given his specialized strategies and methods, sophisticated clients engage Will to attempt to boost the results of their existing advisors. This lets him strive to maximize results for a wide range of clientele.

More financial products are not what business owners need. They need strategies specific to their business, innovative ways to retain employees, a solid plan for eventually selling the business, and a way to create even more wealth once they do.

There are many strategies available to company founders with no other employees. Special provisions in the tax code allow Will to plan out creative solutions that can often avoid issues larger companies must deal with.

Every family office has their own set of philosophies and goals. Many times they already have an experienced team. Will’s role for this type of client is that of a trusted advisor who can complement each office’s strengths with innovative ideas.

With a host of powerful investment prospects available to this set of clients, Will’s focus in this category sets him apart. His understanding of the available opportunities gives accredited investors a step up.

The highest of investor qualification standards, qualified clients and qualified purchasers have access to private funds that require specialization like Will’s.


“…six subsequent tax laws have changed everything. In fact, today Roths deliver a giant, golden egg for affluent investors. I assert that Roths offer the second greatest benefit afforded by the U.S. Federal Tax Code.”
“The biggest truth we are never told is that to achieve the true power of compound interest, nothing can be allowed to interrupt the growth. As soon as there’s any interruption, all bets are off.”
“And before you can enter a transaction fully informed, all real costs need to be understood. Financial Truth #2 - You finance everything you buy. You either pay interest or lose interest.”


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